Meet Marie!

As both a photographer and actor, I know how important a headshot can be! I believe a good headshot can get you in doors by honing in on your unique brand. I also understand that headshot sessions often come with feelings of stress and anxiety. I'm here to help you! At the top of every session we'll take the time to pick out your looks, talk about your goals, and how your headshots can help you get there. Whether your goal is to get more commercial auditions, theatrical auditions, or new rep, I get it, and I want that for you too! Nothing makes me happier than when I hear back from my clients on their successes. 

From a technical aspect I understand what pops. Most casting directors are looking at thumbnails of your headshots, and I know that the right balance of light, color, and composition can help you stand out among the rest. 

Information is power! Once you book your session, you'll receive an email with all the details of the shoot. What to expect and how to prepare. After your shoot, you'll receive your images and a post email with details on retouching. 

I can't wait to meet you!